Thank you for downloading POUYA.

To install POUYA you just need to click on the downloaded file (pouyains.exe).
This will install POUYA on your computer on the C:\POUYA .
POUYA icon will do appear on your desktop. Clicking on this icon will run POUYA and ask you for your REF. CODE and email.
Please enter the reference code and your email as you registered.
1- If your reference number and emails has not been accepted by the program please check the followings:
- Computer is connected to the internet
- You have entered your email as you registered(Use of Capital-Lower case letters are important)
- You have entered the REF. Code as it is sent to you
- Your computer date and time are correct
- You are running the latest version of POUYA, if not sure download it again.
- Internet Options has set as in item 2 below

2- If POUYA says INTERNET CONNECTION FAILED and none of the above seems to be the problem,
you need to reset the internet option of your computer as below:
Process number 1:
- Select control panel
- Select Internet Option
- Select Advanced
- Select Restore Advanced Settings - Select Apply and OK
- Restart your computer

Process number 2:
To reset Internet Explorer settings, Close all Internet Explorer windows that are currently open. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar. Tap or click the Tools button , and then tap or click Internet options. Tap or Click the Advanced tab, and then tap or click Restore Advanced Settings.
- Restart your computer

3- If after installation POUYA icon does not appear in your task bar:
Simply create a short cut of c:\POUYA\POUYAusb.exe and copy it to your task bar

4- If you get the message ACCESS DENIED during the installation since POUYA install itself on
C:\POUYA, this means that your C: drive is write protected. You need to remove protection on C: drive

5- If you still encounter any problem please contact
To uninstall POUYA, just delete the directory C:\POUYA and the POUYA icon on your desktop.
This is all.